Striving to Create

Happier Tomorrows

for the People of Africa

We are a charitable organization in Oklahoma, providing health, wellness, and self-sustainability support in Africa & South Sahara regions.

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The World for Africa

Pennies for Africa Foundation works hard to support and bring awareness among poor African women and children who need financial and business support to start new businesses. We also assist with food, medical, and education support by making monetary and non-monetary donations.

A mom and child who need you to donate to people in Africa
Pennies For Africa Foundation

Decent Incomes

At Pennies for Africa Foundations, we empower women to build businesses and provide for themselves and their families. We believe that a decent income in a home provides stability, strength, and satisfaction to the needs of all members of the family. It also enables one to work for their food needs. Through successful and self-sustainable businesses, we hope that families can improve their household income.

Nutritious Food

Stunting and wasting are common among children below the age of five. The primary reason for malnutrition and undernourishment is the lack of access to nutritious food. Your donations help children, women, pregnant women, and nursing mothers to eat nutritious food.

We also work towards improving the sanitation and health standards of the people.

Our Vision

The vision of Pennies for Africa Foundations is to see an Africa where everyone has nutritious food to eat and a decent place to live. We want people to be able to send their children to school without fearing their financial ability to pay school fees or to buy books.

We accept medical supplies too.

Pennies For Africa Foundation