About Our Non-Profit Organization in Africa

Pennies for Africa Foundation was founded in June 2016 in the state Oklahoma, U.S.A. We seek donations and contributions from government institutions, financial institutions, companies, and the general public for the development of the lives of people living in Africa. We also accept donations in-kind such as medical or food supplies.

Pennies For Africa Foundation
Pennies For Africa Foundation

Financial Assistance to Set-Up Businesses

The funds you donate at Pennies For Africa Foundation will be used to help poor African women and children who desperately need financial assistance. Mothers with children are our primary focus. We ensure that each person will receive up to $500 - $1000 U.S dollars to help start small businesses that will enable them to take care of their children.

Financial Education

Our trainers and business experts provide financial advice to manage finances and build businesses. We assist first-generation entrepreneurs in making sound financial decisions and making healthy business turnover and profits. We aim to see women become self-sustainable and provide for their families.

Pennies For Africa Foundation
Pennies For Africa Foundation

Improving Standards Of Living

Your monetary or non-monetary donations are intended to elevate the lives of the poor, living in vulnerable and critical circumstances. Your kind gesture will directly impact the lives of people in Africa and help them in building decent homes, thereby improving their standard of living.

We also offer the automatic withdrawal option, where we directly deduct your donation amount from your workplace payroll.