Africa Needs Support

Every donation and contribution that you make helps a family to enable themselves to build a better life for the entire family. At Pennies For Africa Foundation, we believe that your financial help for African women and children can make a sustainable life for themselves and their children, who desperately need financial assistance.

We accept online donations.

Curbing Malnutrition

A majority of the African population is affected by the ill effects of malnutrition. With your support and donations, we will be able to improve the nutrition standards of Africa that remain shockingly low. Your donations specifically help women and children to have nutritious meals. We also assist children to attend school. Sometimes, the food provided for children at schools may be the only food for the day.

You can also volunteer with us!

Creating Employment

Pennies For Africa Foundation believes in funding small businesses and entrepreneurs, who would go on to employ local people. Your donations and contributions will change the lives of people for the better, indicating your desire to change the world for the better.

Your donations will be tax-deductible.

Pennies For Africa Foundation

Fix Homes

Your financial donations will help poor people to fix their homes. Your financial support is the need of the hour to assist in several humanitarian projects that are underway in Africa. Pennies For Africa Foundation appeals to the generous hearts of America to financially support poor women and children in Africa.

We also accept stocks and mutual funds as donations.

Honorary Announcements

We would be happy to share that you have been a partner in transforming the lives of the people in Africa with an honorary announcement on our website.  We will ensure that your generosity inspires more people through our announcements or advertisements.

Pennies For Africa Foundation

Mail a check or money order to Pennies For Africa Foundation.

205 W 7th Avenue Suite 201B
Stillwater, OK 74074 USA

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