Let Us Volunteer For The Betterment of Africa

Pennies For Africa Foundation is an Oklahoma-based charitable organization that provides for the needs of African people.

We offer monetary support as well as food and health essentials to meet the growing needs of the continent that has the lowest indicators of Human Development Index (HDI) according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reports.

Pennies For Africa Foundation

Let Us Contribute

At Pennies For Africa Foundation, we team up with volunteers to go to Africa and assist in humanitarian projects. Be it addressing the health needs, or food supplies, we ensure that the lives of African people are elevated. We also provide training and education to enable self-sustainability and community development.

Training & Development Activities

  • Reading
  • Agriculture
  • E-commerce
  • Manage finances
  • Home remodeling
  • School remodeling
  • Science and mathematics
Pennies For Africa Foundation
Pennies For Africa Foundation

Visit Africa

Any person or group can volunteer their time to go to Africa to help empower women and children. We have various outreach programs, including training and teaching, through which you can directly impact the lives of the vulnerable and needy.

Sometimes, the training is directed towards teaching people about basic hygiene. For example, a volunteer will teach how to purify water before drinking or how to sew clothes.

Become A Volunteer

You can also sponsor education for children for $300 a year.